Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Answer to a Question

About a month ago I heard the question, "Is it alright to excommunicate a Christian who knowingly marries an unbeliever?" The answer is in Malachi 2:11-12.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Law and Liberty" Book review

Law and Liberty is a concise book by R.J. Rushdoony, on the impossibility of Law without Liberty and vise versa. Indeed it smashes some of the most commonly accepted conceptions of Liberty vs. Liberty today. He condemns all attempts at lawless liberty, and shows that any anti-nomian is automatically a legalist. In fact any philosophy which attempts to do such will end in anarchy.

Rushdoony addresses these errors in humanistic philosophy, in education, politic of pornography, civil government, and more. In fact this book covers more than the subjects of law and liberty. It is a brief book on the issue of presuppositional apologetics, for it shows forth the complete invalidity of any worldview but the Christian one.
With many short, to-the-point chapters, this book offers no excuses to slow easy readers. In other words... READ IT!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tortured for Christ (book review)

Richard Wurmbrand a pastor in Romania, was tortured for Christ. His book by that title, tells of his witness and the witness of others, some who were tortured, many who died. While I learned much about his life, this book can hardly be termed an auto-biography for he is not merely concerned about his story, but rather Wurmbrand confronts many different issues, ranging from methods used to promote Christianity in communistic countries, to the hunger and thirst of communists for Christ. He maintains that by God's power Communism will be defeated around the globe. "What does this have to do with torture?" you might ask. Well, while Christianity WILL defeat Communism (and all other false religions) that in no way means they will go down without a fight. Wurmbrand tells of the vicious resistance put up by the Communists, how they showed no mercy, only hatred, how they could not true Christians, and despised the families of martyrs. Yet, the Church could not be quenched, for though they tortured and killed many, God worked in his Church to enable them to stand. Though they had nothing, Jesus Christ was enough for them.

Inconclusion, Tortured for Christ was both an inspiration and a conviction for me. For though I am Christ's, I do not love him as I aught (as proved by the multitude of my sin). May God almighty, give me an unshakable love for Him, my brethren, and my enemies as he gave to the Christians of Romania.