Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Highlights of '09

Now for the Highlights of this year... In January Seth, Michael, and I went to the DeGroots for New Years. We had an awesome time with Dan, Colin, and Josh. (Which we are planning on doing again this year.) Then that same month Rebecca on up, - Mom, went to the SACIFF. In the Spring, after an icy snow Seth, Michael, Joseph and I went it a steep ditch with the green Metro. We were all ok, but my head smashed the windshield. That same time period I became an Uncle. I think it was in May that I started working for Joel. That same Month Seth, Aaron Wang, Ben, and I made a super short film, "TRANSGRESSOR." I think it was in June that Two of my good friends, Benjamin and Daniel Allen and I spent a great Day hanging out in Omaha. In July, I became the director for the PHF entry "Esther" in whom played, Seth, William, Samuel Clingman, Elizabeth, Josiah, Rebecca, Josiah Krutz, Micah Swab, Lucy, Juliana, and I. (We later received the Audience Choice Award.) In August our Family went to Colorado for vacation, but on the way home, the fuel pump went out. So Pastor Kayser headed four hours out to get us, and another four to bring us home! The very following week, Mike Elliott, Joseph Cave, Caleb Duff, and I had a intense week long hike, in the same state, where we hiked 50 some miles in 4 1/2 days. In October at the PHF, I was able to have an awesome weekend with Ben, Matt, Samuel, Toby, Andrew Axsom, etc, plus alot of visitors from other states. Also despite a humbling mess-up I was awarded the Audience Choice Award for the speech catagory. Also in October I had the fantastic opportunity to help Jon on his new house. That was a TON of fun. Since then, the most significant things I've done, include finishing Robert Reymond's Systematic Theology, and spending time with Ben and Matt. Wow, has God poured out blessings and friends into my life!

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