Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Review of the Accomplished Goals Last Year

Last Year in December I posted 10 Goals for 2009, now that '09 is practically over, I wanted to contemplate God's provision for me to accomplish or alter almost all these goals.

I. Live day to day in Christ's power
This is a slippery goal to begin with! And I suspect it will remain a goal of mine for the rest of my life. But as I consider the past year, I do believe that the Lord has sanctified me in that area.

II.Memorize significant portions of scripture
Sadly this is one of the goals which I failed greatest in. While I did memorize portions of Isaiah, Proverbs, and others, I wouldn't consider them to have been "Significant" portions.

III.Read through the Bible at least one entire time.
This was one of the goals which I think was RIGHTLY altered very early on. As I talked to friends and attempted to read 3-4 chapters a day, I realized that it would be more be beneficial to read it, apply it, and meditate on it then to speed read it through. So while I began the year in Jeremiah, I plan to end it in Exodus. (As an interesting note, there where a few books I read it one sitting and found much more comprehensible without the Chapter breaks. {For instance, Romans.})

IV.Strengthen my fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Contemplating this statement in and of itself, it is not as if a man can to God and strengthen his fellowship with Him on his own accord, yet scripture does command "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you" James 4:8a.

V.Sanctify in how I make conversation with others (including expanding who I talk, the purpose of the conversation, how I react, etc.)
Since this is one of my most clear cut goals, I think it is a easier one to dissect. as I consider the past year, especially the last several months, I see definite improvement. God has strengthened me so that I attempt to enter into conversation, not for myself but for the encouragement of others.

VI.Learn Humility
Wow, that is one blanket, undefined goal. In a small way I do think I have sanctified in humility. ei. when I do stupid things or say embarrassing things, and then weeks late realize what I did, I try to thank God for humbling me, trusting that all things, including my embarrassments work for the glory of God and the good of his people. But still I think this will be a goal that continues for my life. (On of the ways God humbled me was at the PHF, when I forgot my speech in the middle of it for about a minute!

VII.Learn Self Control
Another blanket goal... One to last a lifetime. Yet I believe God has graciously enabled me to not be offended as easily as I used to be, and keep me from getting as angry as I used to. Still, self control reaches into all kinds of areas and I am far from accommplished.

VIII.Finish Algebra 2

IX.Get my drivers license
YES! (After two failed driving tests!)

X.Start some type of business/get a job
The Lord fabulously provided me with a significant amount of work this entire year. I worked extensively for Joel landscaping, and with Dad on odd jobs.

As you can see, not only has God blessed me tremendously but there plenty more work for the next year!

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